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Submissions for this form are now closed.

To apply for the Shannen’s Dream Scholarship, you must submit the following:

  1. A completed application form (online form or PDF form via email or ground mail).
  2. A detailed cover letter outlining how you meet the criteria, including details about your post-secondary program, how you contribute to your community, your academic and/or extracurricular accomplishments at school, and how you plan to meet the “pay-it-forward” requirement.
  3. Two letters of recommendation that speak directly and specifically to how you meet the eligibility criteria. One letter must speak to how you contribute to your community and the other letter must speak to your academic and/or extra-curricular achievements at school, such as taking part in clubs or sports teams.
  4. Confirmation of First Nations identity (letter from a First Nation acknowledging your membership or copy of your status card).
  5. Proof of post-secondary enrollment is not required as part of the application package; if you are selected, the award is conditional on providing confirmation of post-secondary enrollment.  Financial need will be considered. If applicable, please include information about financial need in your cover letter.

Apply by using the online form below OR by using the PDF form (*coming soon*) and emailing or mailing in your application.

Documents can be submitted in the following formats: PDF, JPG, JPEG, TIFF or PNG.

Please check your application package carefully. Incomplete applications will not be considered. While we appreciate all applications, as a small organization, we can only contact the successful applicant.