Reconciling History

In the spotlight:

  • In partnership with the Reconciling History Committee, a new plaque was unveiled at Beechwood Cemetery honouring children who attended residential schools and their families. Read more in the Caring Society's Fall 2020 newsletter
  • Beechwood Cemetery's Summer 2020 Magazine features a brief article by Cindy Blackstock about the Reconciling History Program and how it hearkens to calls for Canadians to holistically assess historical figures' legacies and impact. 
  • CBC The Sunday Edition interviews Cindy Blackstock about her fight to dismantle the systemic racism plaguing the lives of First Nations children and her hopes for a better future in The decades-long battle to achieve fairness for Indigenous kids in Canada.
  • The Colonial Rule of Law learning series is intended to inspire people to continue learning about Canada's relationship with Indigenous peoples and the colonial use of "Rule of Law."

The Reconciling History initiative invites people to learn from the past in the spirit of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and its Calls to Action. By learning about the complete and true story of the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada, we can all have a better understanding of how we can contribute to reconciliation in meaningful ways. Reconciling History provides an opportunity to learn about Canada’s treatment of Indigenous children and families in a way that links lessons of history to contemporary injustices.