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  • We are sold out of Honouring Memories, Planting Dreams seeds for 2022. Please check back in the Spring of 2023 to orders yours!

  • We no longer have physical Reconciliation Calendars available for 2022. We recommend that you download a Reconciliation Calendar from our website, for free. 

  • We no longer have #Hibernating4Health masks available. We will update our website when and if we have them available in the future! 

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  • Spirit Bear's Guide to Reconciliation, 2022 Calendar

    Spirit Bear's Guide to Reconciliation, 2022 Calendar

    Spirit Bear is thrilled to announce the release of this fifth Guide to Reconciliation Calendar for 2022 in time for the holidays! The calendar features ways that children, youth and families can engage in reconciliation-based activities through a year-long journey full of free ways to make a difference! Highlighting the art of Spotted Fawn Productions, the 2022 calendar is a beautiful and provocative reminder to engage in truth and reconciliation on a daily basis.

    Due to shipping restrictions, we can only process a total of 10 publications per order. You may add another 10 copies
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