Jordan's Principle - Timeline and Documents

Please also check the I am a Witness timeline & documents for additional submissions to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal that include Jordan's Principle.

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December 28, 2022

The Caring Society's briefing as intervener in Manitoba v. MHRC & MHRC v. Manitoba regarding Jordan's Principle. 

December 20, 2022

The Tribunal has released the full reasons for its decision on compensation. In October, the Tribunal issued a letter decision confirming that the Final Settlement Agreement on compensation signed by Canada, the AFN, and other class action parties does not fully satisfy its orders. The Tribunal noted that the FSA completely disentitles some victims who are already legally entitled to $40,000 in compensation, reduces the amounts for others, or makes their entitlements uncertain.

This release sets out the Tribunal’s full reasons for that decision.

December 8, 2022

Two motions passed at the December 2022 AFN Special Chiefs Assembly: the first addresses long-term reform of the FNCFS Program and Jordan's Principle, and the second addresses the Final Settlement Agreement on compensation. 

November 28, 2022

The Federal Court issued an order referring the Assembly of First Nations' application for judicial review for case management. 

November 4, 2022

Attorney General of Quebec and Attorney General of Canada's responses to the October 21 facta submitted by British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Northwest Territories. 

October 25, 2022

The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal has provided a letter-decision with reasons to follow on the Compensation Final Settlement Agreement.

October 21, 2022

The AFN provides reply submissions on the CHRT questions regarding the Compensation Final Settlement Agreement. 

The Attorney Generals of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Northwest Territories provide factums to the Supreme Court of Canada in relation to Bill C-92: An Act respecting First Nations, Inuit and Métis children, youth and families. 

October 14, 2022

Federal Court of Appeal orders that Canada's appeal of the Federal Court's September 29, 2021 order on compensation will continue to be held in abeyance until the earliest of January 30, 2023 and the date 45 days following the release of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal's decision on the compensation final settlement agreement. 

The Caring Society makes submissions to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal pursuant to the Tribunal's September 21, 2022 and October 12, 2022 directions and in response to the September 28, 2022 submissions of the Assembly of First Nations, Attorney General of Canada, Chiefs of Ontario and Nishnawbe Aski Nation.