Bear Friends

  • Huckleberry

    Bearthday: August 31, 1976

  • Dino

    Date of Discovery: Sometime in 1974 at a curling club

    Bearthday:  January, a long time ago

    Dino is the ancient ancestor of Spirit Bear. He likes grass, hugs, curling and making family trees!

  • Barney Bear

    Bearthday: December 5, 2015

    Gifted by Nishnabe Aski Nation Elder Barney Battiste. Loves children and going to schools.

  • Cedar Bear

    Bearthday: January 26, 2016

    Spirit Bear’s sister. Named by Andrea Auger. Hat made by the Nuu-chahnulth Nation. Regularly goes with Spirit Bear to the hearings and to visit children and youth across Canada.

  • Era Bear

    Bearthday: June 21, 2012

    Joined the Caring Society in 2013, seven years after the Canadian Human Rights Case on First Nations children was launched. In many First Nations traditions, seven years marks a new generation, and so, Era Bear joined Spirit Bear to witness the proceedings.

  • Memengwe

    Bearthday: June 6, 2016

    Spirit Bear’s sister. Named by children at Pierre Elliott Trudeau School with the guidance of an Algonquin Elder. Regalia made by Caitlin Tolley. Attended the graduation of students at Pierre Elliott Trudeau School this year.

  • Spirit Bear

    Honourary Bearrister

    Bearthday: May 10, 2007

    Spirit Bear was gifted to the Caring Society by Carrier Sekani Family Services in 2008 and has since become a much loved reconciliation ambassador. Spirit Bear witnessed all hearings related to the Canadian Human Rights case on First Nations child welfare. In recognition of Spirit Bear's participation in the case, Osgoode Hall School gave him an honorary law degree and granted him the title of Bearrister! Shortly after, Spirit Bear was admitted to the bear by the Indigenous Bar Association. You can read all about Spirit Bear and his journey in his new illustrated children's book Spirit Bear and Children Make History (order yours here). Regalia made by Red Cedar Gifts. Original Hudson Bay trading beads gifted by Alanis Obomsawin and Truth and Reconciliation Commission pin from former TRC chairperson Murray Sinclair. Spirit Bear enjoys meeting children and likes cookies. 

  • Cindy the Sheep

    Cindy the Sheep (age 1½): The real Cindy the Sheep (named after Cindy Blackstock) lives on a farm in British Columbia. Cindy the Sheep has won agricultural awards and the stuffy version of Cindy the sheep will be featured in Spirit Bear’s upcoming book to promote diversity!