Touchstones of Hope - Social Work Curriculum

Touchstones for Social Work Curriculum: Reconciliation in Indigenous Child Welfare


The Touchstones for Social Work Curriculum: Reconciliation in Indigenous Child Weflare is intended for Indigenous and non-Indigenous upper year Bachelor of Social Work students or first-year Master of Social Work students.  

The goal of the curriculum is to encouage participants to explore why reconciliation in child welfare is a fundamental prerequisite to improving child welfare outcomes for Indigenous children and youth in Canada and to set out ways to implement the reconciliation agenda spelled out in the Touchstones of Hope principles. In keeping with the spirit of the Touchstones of Hope, Indigenous resources and ways of teaching are centred in this program, with non-Indigenous resources and teaching methods playing a supplementary role.

The curriculum was written by Cindy Blackstock and a sample can be viewed by clicking on the link below or image to the right. Please contact the Caring Society to request a complete copy of the curriculum.


Please note: permission from First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada is required to use the contents in these documents.