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Our Notes on the Spirit Bear Book Series:

The Caring Society is proud to publish an award-winning picture book series written by Order of Canada recipient Cindy Blackstock (Gitxan Nation) and illustrated by Spotted Fawn Productions, led by Amanda Strong (Michif)! Every book is based on true events in relation to reconciliation education and it teaches all children and youth that, "just because you're small, doesn't mean you can't stand tall!" 

Free digital First Nations language translations are available on our website as well as learning guides for educators, click on the images below to learn more! 

The Spirit Bear Book Series and How to Order Them:

The Spirit Bear Book Series is available for purchase online through Indigo, Chapters, Amazon, or in person at a local bookstore near you! 

Bookstores, wholesalers, educational institutions, or anyone who would like to place a large order (over 10 books) can also contact University of Toronto Press Distribution. They sometimes have wholesale seasonal discounts, so we recommend contacting them and asking if they have any wholesale discounts available at the time of your purchase.  

if you have an international order, please contact the Caring Society directly:

Distribution: University of Toronto Press Distribution | 1-800-565-9523

If you are interested in selling the Spirit Bear Book Series, please contact Ampersand Inc.

Sales: Ampersand Inc. | 1-416-703-0666

If you hold further ordering questions, please contact: