Spirit Bear's Beary Caring Curriculum

Created for the Spirit Bear Virtual School, Spirit Bear’s Beary Caring Curriculum is a social justice curriculum for learning and taking action based on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action, sovereignty, responsible citizenship, rights, and the Touchstones of Hope reconciliation process of truth-telling, acknowledging, restoring, and relating.

This curriculum was written for teachers who teach the Caring Society’s initiatives and campaigns with their students to enact social justice and reconciliation-based actions. 

Jordan's Principle Learning Guide

To be used alongside Spirit Bear's Beary Caring Curriculum, the Jordan's Principle Learning Guide invites everyone to learn about the case on First Nations child welfare and Jordan’s Principle. Students will learn about child welfare and discrimination that continues in government practices and public and services in Canada and what they can do to end discrimination against First Nations children and youth.  


Spirit Bear Plan

First Nations children and families living on reserve and in the Territories receive public services funded by the federal government. Since confederation, these services have fallen significantly short of what other Canadians receive. This injustice needs to end and Spirit Bear's Plan will do just that.

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