Caring Society December 12 2023 Notice of Motion for Jordan's Principle

On December 12, 2023, the Caring Society filed a Notice of Motion to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal regarding Canada’s wilful and chronic failure to adhere to the Tribunal's orders on Jordan's Principle. The motion includes immediate measures for resolving areas of Canada's non-compliance with Jordan's Principle, called the Jordan's Principle Work Plan. 

Canada's October 20, 2023 Reply to the Tribunal

Canada responds to the Parties’ October 10, 2023 responses to the Panel’s August 21, 2023 correspondence requesting a supplementary report to detail implementation of the Tribunal’s orders. It is also in reply to the Panel’s October 4, 2023 correspondence requesting an update on negotiations of long-term reform of the First Nations Child and Family Services (FNCFS) Program as well as matters related to the implementation of Jordan’s Principle.

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