In this article, the authors share their research on a curriculum for social

justice, truth, and then reconciliation as put forth by the First Nations Child and

Family Caring Society (Caring Society). The Caring Society is a non-profit

organization that advocates for equity and social justice for First Nations children

and creates social justice educational materials for Canadian learners. The authors

provide an overview of the Caring Society campaigns and educational research. More

specifically, they discuss how the Caring Society is creating educational resources

that center a child and youth-driven civil rights movement across the school

curriculum. Such curricular and pedagogical approaches focus on truth and then

reconciliation, Indigenous sovereignty, and position a social justice pedagogy. They

then discuss some of the ways we might advocate relational forms of citizenship that

seek to honour the truth, and then reconciliation education.

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Lisa Howell and Nicholas Ng-A-Fook
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Studies in Social Justice
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